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Gallery 1
Art Silver Shop Bar pin with stone
Art Silver Shop Pendant on chain
Bjarne ring with green stone
Carence Crafters brass tray
Clemens Friedell Poppy pin and earrings
Edward Oakes gold bracelet with citrines
Edward Oakes ring with pearls and zircons
Falick Novick early copper jug
Frank Gardner Hale pendant on chain
Frank Gardner Hale ring with turquoise stone
Gilbert Oakes silver ring with turquoise
Heinrich Eicher lobed 2-handled footed bowl
James Scott (Elverhöj) necklace with stone 
Julius O. Randahl coffee set
Kalo bar pin with bloodstone
Kalo bar pin with citrine
Kalo belt made of links
Kalo bracelet with carnelian stones
Kalo brooch with matrix opal
Kalo brooch with moonstone
Kalo copper letter holder
Kalo copper tray with stones
Kalo early Park Ridge salad set
Kalo early spoon with stone
Kalo fluted candlesticks
Kalo fluted pitcher
Kalo gold necklace
Kalo inverted trumpet vase
Kalo large candlesticks
Kalo lobed 2-handled bowl
Kalo ovoid pitcher
Kalo paneled pitcher
Kalo silver necklace with lapis
Kalo silver necklace with pearl
Kalo trademark 5811 lotus bowl
Kalo silver tray with stone and cutouts
Lebolt & Co. chocolate pot
Madeline Turner bar pin with matrix opal
Margaret Rogers enameled silver dish
Margaret Rogers gold and onyx bracelet
Mary C. Knight enameled bowl and spoon
Peer Smed silver brooch
Peer Smed silver salad set
Potter Studio maple leaf gold brooch
Potter Studio gold brooch with jade and pearls
Rebecca Cauman copper / silver bowl
Robert Jarvie pendant on chain
Robert Jarvie sauce bowl with underplate
Rokesley Shop enameled silver pendant 
Rokesley Shop gold bracelet
Gallery 2
Early Art Silver Shop Pendant on Chain
Porter Blanchard Heart-form Tray
Boyden-Minuth Golf Trophy
Rebecca Cauman Box with Blue Stone Finial
Cellini Shop Pitcher
Emily A. Day Copper Box
C. H. Didrich Salad Set
Forest Craft Guild Copper Frame with Stones
Forest Craft Guild Pendant with Boulder Opal
Laurence Foss Gold Brooch with Pearls
Clemens Friedell Footed Bowl
Clemens Friedell Bronze Tray
Isadore V. Friedman Hull House Coffee Pot
Frank Gardner Hale Enameled Box
Frank Gardner Hale Gold and Lapis Necklace
Frank Gardner Hale Silver Brooch
Frank Gardner Hale Gold Brooch
Matthias Hanck Necklace with Pearl
Robert Jarvie Pitcher-Form Trophy
Julius Randahl / Hyman & Co. Pitcher
Julius Randahl / Hardy & Hayes Co. Pitcher
Kalo Copper Box
Kalo Silver Boxes with Coral Stones
Kalo Old Elm Repoussé Cup
Kalo Silver Pin with Green Stones
Kalo Gold Pin with Orange Stone
Kalo Small Tray with Stone
Kalo Small Tray with Stones
Lebolt & Co. Paneled Pitcher
Lebolt & Co. Flat-Top Pitcher
Falick Novick Brass Jardinière
Falick Novick Repoussé Tray
Edward Oakes Brooch with Moonstones 
Edward Oakes Brooch with Hessonite Garnet
Gilbert Oakes Bracelet with Onyx
Gilbert Oakes Ring with Amethyst
Yngve Olsson Brooch with Amber Stones
Petterson Studio Pitcher
Petterson Studio Compote
H. E. Potter Cream and Sugar
Margaret Rogers Enameled Fork
Rokesley Shop Spoon with Repousse Bird
Lona P. Schaeffer Arrowhead Server
Peer Smed Dress Clip
Peer Smed Poppy Pin
TC Shop Pitcher
Mildred Watkins Enameled Salt and Salt Spoon
Albert Wehde Salad Set
James Winn Gold Bar Pin with Diamonds
Marie Zimmermann Gilded Candlesticks
Silver Standards, Legends, Use, and Care

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