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Arts & Crafts Pitchers


Arts & Crafts pitchers are among our favorite silver objects.  The forms were very different -- some were paneled, some bulbous, some tapered and slender, some footed, some with flat bottoms.  Most had wonderful hollow handles, elegant proportions, and finely hammered surfaces.   These pitchers were both utilitarian and attractive, following the William Morris Arts & Crafts tenet "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."


To see examples from the makers below, click on the thumbnails.  For an index of Kalo pitchers, click here.


Arts & Crafts Pitcher Index

Cellini Shop

Hyman & Company


Chicago Silver Co.


Petterson Studio


Marshall Field




TC Shop

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To see the individual Arts & Crafts pitchers, click on a thumbnail below

Cellini Shop S33


Marshall Field 1086

Chicago Silver Company 250


Marshall Field 100-27

Chicago Silver Company 260


Mulholland 561



Mulholland 559

Eicher 62


Mulholland 563

Eicher 188


Mulholland 555

Eicher 10



Hyman & Company


Petterson Studio

Hyman & Company


Petterson Studio

Lebolt 810


Randahl 646

Lebolt 335


Randahl / Hyman & Company 319

Lebolt 335


Randahl 405

Lebolt 472


Randahl 1405

Lebolt 801


Randahl 1410

Lebolt 656


Randahl R6601

Lebolt 800


Randahl 461

Lebolt 651


Randahl 1400

Lebolt 471


TC Shop

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