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Mulholland pitcher with matching underplate (not shown).


Pitcher, water, and matching underplate (not shown).  Pitcher with vase-like form, flat bottom, high looping hollow handle, rounded shoulder with high neck and spout, applied wire to rim.  Underplate has flat bottom, wide, upturned edge with six flutes.  Finely scalloped finished edge as if made by saw cuts, then polished.  Very heavy.  Both pieces have engraved "E.C.P." mono and nice hammering.  Pitcher:  9" W and 8-1/4" H.  Underplate:  10-1/8" W and 7/8" H.  Pitcher marked:  J. E. CALDWELL & CO. / HAND WROUGHT / [Mulholland mark] / STERLING / 563.  Underplate marked:  J. E. CALDWELL & CO. / [Scharling & Co. mark: STER LING] / 279 / HAND WROUGHT


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