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Gallery 2


Below is a second group of 50 representative pieces from this collection (to see the other 50, click here).    For an illustrated index of Kalo holloware, click here.  For an illustrated index of Kalo jewelry, click here.  For the main index click here


Click on a thumbnail below to enlarge a particular photo, or click here to see them all one-by-one.


Early Art Silver Shop Pendant on Chain


Kalo Gold Pin

with Orange Stone

Porter Blanchard Heart-form Tray


Kalo Small Tray

with Stone


Golf Trophy


Kalo Small Tray

with Stones

Rebecca Cauman Covered Box with

Blue Stone Finial


Lebolt & Co.

Paneled Pitcher

Cellini Shop Pitcher


Lebolt & Co.

Flat-Top Pitcher

Emily A. Day

Copper Box


Falick Novick

Brass Jardinière

C. H. Didrich

Salad Set


Falick Novick

Repoussé Tray

Forest Craft Guild Copper Frame

with Stones


Edward Oakes Brooch with Moonstones and Montana Sapphires

Forest Craft Guild Pendant on Chain with Boulder Opal


Edward Oakes Brooch with Hessonite Garnet

Laurence Foss Gold Brooch with Pearls


Gilbert Oakes Bracelet with Onyx, Pearls, and Montana Sapphires

Clemens Friedell Footed Bowl


Gilbert Oakes Ring with Amethyst and Diamonds

Clemens Friedell

Bronze Tray


Yngve Olsson Brooch with Amber Stones

Isadore V. Friedman

Hull House Coffee Pot


Petterson Studio Pitcher

Frank Gardner Hale Enameled Box


Petterson Studio Compote

Frank Gardner Hale Gold and Lapis Necklace


H. E. Potter

Cream and Sugar

Frank Gardner Hale Silver Brooch


Margaret Rogers Enameled Fork

Frank Gardner Hale Gold Brooch


Rokesley Shop

Spoon with Repousse Bird

Matthias Hanck Necklace with Pearl


Lona P. Schaeffer

Arrowhead Server

Robert Jarvie

Pitcher-Form Trophy


Peer Smed

Dress Clip

Julius Randahl / Hyman & Co. Pitcher


Peer Smed

Poppy Pin

Julius Randahl / Hardy & Hayes Co. Pitcher


TC Shop Pitcher

Kalo Copper Box


Mildred Watkins Enameled Salt and Salt Spoon

Kalo Silver Boxes with Coral Stones


Albert Wehde

Salad Set

Kalo Old Elm Repoussé Cup


James Winn Gold Bar Pin with Diamonds and Amethysts

Kalo Silver Pin with Green Stones


Marie Zimmermann Gilded Candlesticks


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