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Kalo Holloware


(Click here for index)† The Kalo Shop began making holloware mostly from copper (like the bowl to the left) after it opened in 1900.† As the Shop prospered it started hiring silversmiths to create the sterling objects for which it is best known.†


Many of the patterns that would be used for decades were established during the early Park Ridge and Chicago / New York years before World War I (see here for more history).† Founder Clara Barck Welles, influenced by the English Arts & Crafts movement and the Prairie sensibilities of Chicago after the turn of the 20th century, created forms that were angular but softly feminine, massive but delicate, made from highly reflective silver but with hammered surfaces that shimmered and glowed.


Welles's artistry produced objects that have a timeless, classic beauty.† Unlike purely ornamental pieces, Kalo silver was made to be used.† Many of the items shown here have put in yeoman's service, some for nearly a century.† While they may be slightly age-worn, nothing can diminish their enduring style and radiance.† To see examples, click on the thumbnail photographs below.


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