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Kalo Objects with Stones


Kalo items in general are fairly scarce.   You can find a few relatively common pieces, like "puffy" cherry-form pins or smaller model 18 lobed lotus bowls at dealers' shops, but Kalo items with stones are difficult to locate -- and Kalo holloware and flatware with stones are the rarest of the rare.


The Kalo Shop made a fair amount of jewelry with stones, both in silver and gold.  You can see some of these here and here and here and here.  The Shop favored semi-precious stones such as amethysts, pearls, lapis, turquoise, topaz, malachite, moonstones, chrysoprase, carnelians, onyx, and even unusual ones like petoskey stone (fossilized glass-like coral from Lake Michigan).  In the very early Park Ridge days, Kalo also decorated a small amount of holloware and flatware with similar stones.   The small stone-set tray shown here is one of its trademark pieces.   The handles on the copper tray shown above (click for full-size photo) are extremely unusual, as most of its objects with stones were made of sterling silver.


The silver-mounted souvenir below may technically be a piece with a stone (a rather large one), but it's also the oldest inscribed Kalo item in our collection, dating to 1905.


(Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger photo.)

Trademark tray with stone and saw-pierced details

Tray with stones at each end and repousse details

Tray with stone and multi-layered ornament

Tray with rounded ends and green stone

Copper tray with stone-set handles

Early (1905) silver-wrapped stone souvenir

Oval covered box with stone and applied leaves

Oval covered box with carved stone and applied leaves

Urn with removable lid that has stone-set final

Letter holder with large stone ornament

Napkin rings with applied stone

Magnifying glass with pearl and applied flowers

Long spoon with stone-set handle

Short spoon with stone-set handle

Short spoon with stone-set handle

Short spoon with stone-set handle

Small tongs with stone

Large tongs with stone

Silver letter knife with stone

Copper letter knife with stone

Typical gold pin with stone

Typical silver pin with stone

Pillbox with stones


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