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Kalo Jewelry


(Click here for index)† The Kalo Shop produced jewelry in a wide range of styles, from necklaces that were pure Art Nouveau objects to Prairie-influenced geometric pins to Deco items often in the Scandinavian taste to whimsical forms that were a far cry from traditional Kalo designs.


The most common Kalo jewelry is what dealers refer to as "puffy" pins, slightly convex or "puffed out" saw-pierced oval forms of chased and repoussť cherries, flowers, pineapples, or arrangements of leaves and vines.† At times these were ornamented with semiprecious stones such as amethysts, pearls, lapis, bloodstones, moonstones, and citrines, most of which were bezel-set rather than prong-set.† Some were enameled (possibly by Yngve Olsson), and we've seen quite a few centering Wedgwood plaques.


The nicest forms in our opinion are necklaces and pendants with chains, although Kalo also created many fine brooches and elegant bar pins with stones.† Kalo necklaces were often Nouveau styled.† While we can't be sure, since Kalo jewelry marks were fairly uniform, and since jewelry was almost never inscribed with dates the way commemorative holloware was, a lot of these wonderful necklaces were probably produced in the pre-1920 years.†


The Kalo Shop did a lot of custom work.† Early on it encouraged customers to bring in outdated Victorian pieces and have the stones put into new custom-designed objects.† While the quality of design and execution varied over the years, virtually all Kalo jewelry is very wearable today.† To see examples, click on the thumbnail photographs below.


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