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Edward Oakes page2 -- Oakes lived and worked in a quiet neighborhood in Wakefield, Massachusetts. His neighbors described him as a gentle, very humble man not concerned about fame or money. Many of his neighbors ended up with pieces of his. Below is a wonderful collection owned by a lovely New England woman who wears them daily and treasures them.



Typical Edward Oakes mark (oak leaf with OAKES inside)

Typical Gilbert Oakes mark (oak leaf and one acorn)

Typical Susan Oakes Peabody mark (oak leaf and two acorns)


Edward Oakes Pieces from Private Collection

The owner of these earrings accidentally

lost some of the pieces over the years and

was able to have a local silversmith

provide replacements.

While unsigned, these pieces came

directly from Edward Oakes, and

exhibit typical Oakes characteristics.



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